Consider buying models in Sites like Dollar Photo Club or even free image banks like Pixabay. Or better yet, hire a photographer to make good shots of your store and your team and use them in all online media to humanize the company’s image and increase the confidence of users and potential customers. The investment in your photographs makes a difference!

Develop Actions In Which Your Brand Image Is The Center Of Everything

For example, call a contest between your users to design a poster for an event you organize or even a restyling of the logo. This will increase the presence of your brand image in the collective imagination of your community of users. For this, you must provide your logo and graphic elements in vector format or high resolution.

Analyze How Your Logo Looks On Different Mobile Platforms

Create a specific one for each device. For example, if it includes small texts, they may be poorly readable in mobile formats. In that case, it would be good to have a simplified and iconic version for small and medium devices.

Use Visual Metaphors

Insert elements that reinforce the concept throughout your website, as they provide brand presence and make it stay more actively in the user’s memory. For example, if you have a Candy Sales Site, you could place buttons that remember the shape of candies or background boxes for texts similar to candy paper.