Tips To Improve The Graphic Design

Nowadays, the Graphic Design of a Web and Usability are critical points in a digital strategy; Sales or other objectives of your business can be affected if you neglect them.

What image do you want the users of your brand to take? How do you want to be remembered? Follow these 8 tips to improve the design and usability of your website and increase the conversion.

 Reflect On Your Brand Image

Maybe it’s the same for many years, and it may not work well in a digital environment. Keep in mind the possibility of ordering a restyling of the logo, that is, hire a designer that adapts your brand image to the requirements of the Internet.

 Adapt Your Logo And Brand Image To All Media

Avoid using the same model in all digital formats … they never look right! You can create them yourself or ask a designer to generate different graphics pieces for profile photos in Networks, Web headers, Banners, Newsletters, etcetera.

Be Careful With Colors

Like typographies, they must be applied without abuse. Try to choose the primary color, a secondary color and at most a third color. Use them intelligently, as they serve to communicate and highlight elements of your Site. Use them in buttons of Subscription Forms, to add products to the cart, etc.

Create A Graphic Identity Manual For Your Blog

Decide what style of images you will use in the headers of each post (photos, vectors, illustrations, etc.), as well as the graphic pieces and icons that will be inserted in each entry. Define a palette to alternate the color of the main image of each article, trying not to look much like each other.

Aspire that the entire site has visual coherence so that readers can identify an article of your blog by merely looking at its header.…