Hearts and Arrows Diamonds – Should You Buy Them?

The romantic image of hearts and arrows diamonds is well known and it comes as no surprise that the diamond industry has tried to use it to their advantage.

But let us begin with the basics and ask the fundamental question: What are actually hearts and arrows diamonds? To answer this question we will have to get a little bit deeper into the symmetry of a diamond.

By the way, the symmetry should not be confused with the diamond cut. The cut only refers to specific proportions and angles.

The symmetry however refers to whether the overall outline of the diamond is symmetrical. The symmetry of a diamond usually also has a much smaller effect on the light performance.

Still, it is superbly difficult to produce a diamond that is perfectly symmetrical. Such diamonds exhibit a hearts pattern when viewed through one side of a hearts and arrows viewer and an arrows pattern when viewed through the other side.

This is why such diamonds are commonly referred to as hearts and arrows diamonds which is also often abbreviated as H&A diamonds.

What are the advantages of hearts and arrows diamonds?

Hearts and arrows diamonds are a symbol of superiority because they require a deep level of superior diamond cutting skills to be produced. For most diamond cutters it takes years to reach the level of proficiency to create a hearts and arrows diamond.

On the other hand you can really see a true hearts and arrows pattern. You can easily see this pattern with a jeweler’s loupe but if you strain your eyes you can also see this pattern with your bare eyes. This gives your diamond an even greater romantic value and contributes to more buyers willing to buy such diamonds.

But are there even more tangible benefits to having a diamond with superior symmetry? In my personal opinion I think that there are only very slight benefits if you decide to get a hearts and arrows diamond.

But in order to tell you more about that we will have to make a crucial differentiation.

True hearts and arrows diamonds and near hearts and arrows diamonds

Many people actually do not know that hearts and arrows diamonds do not necessarily equal hearts and arrows diamonds.

There are diamonds that qualify for real hearts and arrows diamonds and other diamonds that only qualify for near hearts and arrows diamonds. The difference is quite simply the fact that near hearts and arrows diamonds do exhibit the typical hearts and arrows pattern but are not entirely symmetrical according to very strict grading principles.

But, is there any visible difference between those two? No, there is not! With your bare eyes you can neither see a difference in the hearts and arrows pattern nor can you see a difference in the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond.

Thus, to be completely honest with you: It is nothing but a great waste of money to get a true hearts and arrows diamond. To summarize you should only buy near hearts and arrows diamonds.

But, is there a difference between a near hearts and arrows diamond and a regular Excellent cut diamond? This is a more tricky question but there is also a very clear answer to this: There might be a tiny difference if you look very closely.

Near hearts and arrows diamonds remain premium diamonds where you pay more than you are getting. Still, for people who want to have the absolute maximum in light performance a near H&A diamond might be the perfect choice!

Buying a near H&A diamond

The best place you should consider to buy a high quality premium diamond is James Allen or Brian Gavin. Brian Gavin has a huge reputation for super ideal cut hearts and arrows diamonds.

On the other hand though I feel that James Allen’s True Hearts diamonds give you a better bang for your buck. From what I could see so far it seems as though most of James Allen True Hearts diamonds are near H&A diamonds.

This certainly contributes to giving you more value. From what I could read in the Your Diamond Teacher Blog it very much seems as though the wisest decision is to save as much money as you can to reinvest it in more carat weight.

This is why I did not go for a Brian Gavin hearts and arrows diamond but rather a James Allen true hearts diamond. Check out both sides and just form your own opinion!