Salvation, Faith, and the Bible

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They say salvation lies within each and every human soul. If you have un-wavering faith and always heed the word of God, you will truly experience salvation on all levels. Whether you read the bible, Qur’an, Torah or other holy books, you are taking closer steps to God each day. As the maker of the worlds and Lord of the Day of Judgment, your passage into the Kingdom is solely based on your attributes on Earth. In other words, you must live your life as ethically pure and honest as possible – in order to achieve inner peace and oneness with God No matter your past transgressions or questionable behavior, there is always forgiveness in God’s heart and you must concentrate on doing the right things each and every day.

Get Back Your Soul

In these turbulent and uncertain times, countless individuals have lost their basic ethics and morals. In fact, the world is more dangerous than ever with so much hatred, divisiveness, and bigotry at every turn. While the politicians continue to play with our minds to secure votes, there are ways to reclaim our souls and who we once were. This, of course, is submitting yourself to the will of God. Remember, our lives have already been written by God – and we must live according to his laws in order to secure our place in the afterlife. This means doing whatever we can for the poor and needy, along with living each day as cleanly and pure as possible. We cannot alter the chapters that have been written for our lives – but we can ensure that we do help our fellow humans and other life forms. This is all God ever wanted from us – that is to love each other, respect each other, and do the best we can for each other. 

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