How to Choose a Good Local Photographer

local photographer

Photography is not just the mere act of clicking pictures with a camera. It is an art which involves creativity and precise craftsmanship. As professional DSLR cameras have become affordable, more people are moving into the field of photography. Finding a good photographer can be a daunting job, as today’s local photography market is saturated with talented photographers. There are some keys features to consider while picking a local photographer in Orange County who is best suited for your needs. This article will guide you through some of the basic knowledge and requirements needed to select a good local Orange County photographer

Identifying Your Needs

The basic step while choosing the right photographer is to identify your needs. Each photographer focuses on different fields of photography like nature, wild life, fashion etc. Choosing a wildlife photographer for a wedding ceremony is a rather poor idea therefore, a photographer should be chosen based on the type of photos you are planning to capture at the event.

The Right Equipment

Good photographs require good equipment and it should be noted that the photographer has the right equipment to capture the event at its best. A good local photographer should have a decent DSLR camera along with well suited lenses. He should be equipped with prime as well as wide angle lenses to capture the images more efficiently. A tripod is a must for any photographer. As lighting is an important part of photography, the photographer should be able provide decent lighting at the event before taking the pictures.

Skills and Talent

Here comes the most important factor while choosing the right photographer. Skill and talent in photography is must for any good photographer. He should be aware of the technical side of photography like setting the right ISO, exposure, contrast and saturation even before clicking the image so as to get the best raw image possible. Lighting should be done in the most suited way so as to compliment the photographs. He should have the technical expertise in editing software so as to make the picture more attractive after the post production process.


As there are too many local photographers in the market these days, it is be pretty hard to find a talented guy who is good at his job. The best way to pick the right person is to refer to his previous works. The albums of his previous works can be checked so as to analyze his talent. If his albums have good photographs that are similar to the ones that you want to capture, it is better to choose him as he already has experience in shooting similar photos. 


Finally selecting a good local photographer always comes to your personal budget and the amount of money you wish to spend on a good photographer. It is worth noting that as the number of crew and lighting units increase, the overall cost of the photography also increases. Therefore, photographers should be selected based on the event that needs to be captured. For larger events like weddings, it is better to have a bigger crew as the event is much bigger and needs to be covered in multiple angles.