Do You Need SEO or SEM for Your Business?

There are many different ways to dive into digitally marketing your business online, and while there are often strong opinions over which method is better the truth is that depending on the market, the website, and the situation it might not be a clear cut answer. Some people will benefit most from a good SEO program. Some people will benefit from kicking off a high quality SEM program. Many companies profit most from tackling both at the same time and letting the two programs compliment one another. If you visit this link you can get some great seo tips

SEO is the long term process of taking care of both on page and off page factors that help search engines decide your website is one that is worth presenting to searchers. Over 99% of all searches never get off the first page, and over 90% of all traffic eventually settles on one of the first three options. The mass migration to mobile devices has only increased this tendency.

This means those top three spots are worth a lot of money both nationally and locally. Every business would love to see the surge they can get from being in one of those top spots and enjoy the fact that business continues to roll in month after month, year after year, as long as those websites are sitting at the top.

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Good SEO includes making sure a website is made with good coding, is mobile friendly (which is an absolute necessity nowadays – there is absolutely no excuse not to have a website that is responsive or at least mobile friendly), and has high-quality original and unique content.

You’re better off using a reputable digital agency with an SEO Department

Search Engine Marketing, also better known as SEM, is the process of buying ads that appear on blogs and popular websites, but most importantly, appear on the actual search engine results. These ads can be put on top of the search results, allowing a business to leapfrog the other more established websites to get the attention they need in order to get ahead.

These ads are often known as AdSense with Google, but the main benefit is the ability to put together a good ad that goes directly to a website and get traffic from that starting right away today. SEO can take a lot of time, and the exact factors that go into ranking a website can change enormously over time. Because of this, SEM offers a right now solution where a business can measure the value of the leads versus the amount of their advertising.

In other words, SEM functions as the online equivalent of paid leads and can lead directly to a lot of high quality business right now that helps to get the job done fast and to get it done right.

The best thing for most businesses is to run a long-term SEO campaign that focuses on local attention first before expanding while SEM gets in some business right away. Using both of them means getting ahead right now as well as setting the table for long term success!